5 Ways of Mixing Songs You Must Know


In making music and making your songs, of course mixing songs has a very important role. It aims to combine several sounds into one harmonious sound. Of course, this process is quite complicated. However, for those of you who want to learn, here’s how to mix songs that you need to pay attention to.

Steps for Mixing Songs Easily

  1. Opening Files First

The first thing you have to do when you want to start mixing songs is to first open all the files that you want to mix. You can open a track or project that you have previously recorded. You can open it through the software you have.

  1. Doing the Balancing Process

How to mix the next song, you can enter the balancing stage. After feeling that the track is safe and there are no peaks or clips, then you can balance it. This stage is done by increasing or decreasing the volume on each track.

That way, in this process later you don’t need to balance it in more detail. The thing you need to pay attention to is whether the sound is appropriate and pleasant to listen to, then you don’t need to mix it. So, the sensitivity of the sound produced is also an important factor that you must have.

  1. Listen to the Songs Well and Group them

The next thing you can do as a stage and method of mixing songs is to listen to the song several times. It has the aim that you can get to know the material you want to mix. After that, you can group them. So it will not make you confused in mixing songs.

  1. Do Panning

When you have grouped the types of sounds, then you can do panning. That way, it will make the instrument track that is being mixed will create a stereo imager. In addition, when you do this one process, then you need to pay attention that no instrument or sound is too lame.

  1. Mute All Channels Except Drum

After you do the panning, then the thing you can do as a way of mixing the next song is to mute all channels except the drums. Here, you can set up a compressor plugin and compress all the tracks on a drum that has wide dynamics. The reason is, usually, drums often have a big and small sound.

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