Considerations When Choosing a School for Children


Every parent wants to provide the best for their children, so it is not surprising that many parents want to find a quality school for their children. However, the problem is the difficulty of finding schools that are truly quality. To get a quality school, many criteria must be met. Yes, starting from looking at school history to graduates from school.

The Following Are Considerations When Choosing Schools for Children:

1 Type of Dream School

There are several types of schools offered by various educational institutions, such as faith-based schools, public schools, nature schools, homeschooling, private schools, international schools or national schools plus. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school and adjust it to the child’s needs. For example, you can visit the website:

2 Child Characters

You can choose a school that suits your child’s character. So your child can be happier at school. For example, children who like to move suitable school in nature. The recognition of character and needs also helps to recognize the duration of schooling and the composition of the duration of teaching in school. For example, determining a school with a longer duration of play time or study time.

3 Good Teachers

The teacher is the spearhead that determines whether children will learn and play with fun or not. To find out this you can come to school directly and ask the school. Teachers who are good, professional, and have scientific competence in the fields they teach, can develop a pleasant learning environment in the classroom and can communicate with children. If the school you are interested in offers a class trial, do not waste this opportunity to meet directly with prospective teachers and see learning activities at the school.

4 Condition of the School and Surrounding Environment

You can assess conditions and the environment by looking at the open houses held by each school to attract parents and children. You can pay attention to facilities and infrastructure in schools, as well as interactions with teachers to the atmosphere of teaching and learning activities.

The facilities in question are not only supporting laboratories for teaching and learning activities, but also the cleanliness of toilets, the atmosphere of where students eat, and the condition of buildings and classrooms. Is it enough to support a pleasant learning and teaching process for children?

5 School Track Records

You can see what achievements have been achieved by the school, both in terms of academic and non-academic. You can also assess the quality of graduates. Usually this is an important consideration for those who sit in elementary school to junior high school.

6 Learning Concepts or Implemented Curriculum Systems

In general, private schools in Indonesia implement an educational curriculum set by the government. However, there are also some schools that implement a curriculum that is adopted outside the educational curriculum that was launched by the government. Information about the curriculum being applied is an important thing that you should know as a consideration for enrolling children in the school.