Food And Music Recipes For Creativity


Creativity in the kitchen can sometimes tricky. You wait for motivation, and it just won’t come. Often, it comes in the middle of the night when you have to be up at 5 am for your day job. At times it seems it will never come again. Learning about healthy habits and supplements are aspects that are second nature to us and our life. So, when creativity has run out, what should we do?

Some foods recipes and Music are considered a perfect way to supercharge your imagination to get the juices going again. Let’s take a peek.

  • Avocados

Everyone loves avocado pretty much, so here’s yet another explanation why you should fall in love with this incredible plant. Your brain relies on regular blood supply and oxygen to think creatively. This green fruit increases the supply of blood and provides the oxygen the brain cells require.

  • Salmon

We all know salmon is one of the easiest fish to eat because of the omega-three fatty acids. It is also a very perfect meal for the brain and helps to cultivate artistic impulses. This also stimulates memory and mood, so if you are looking for an extra boost of energy, it is a nice meal to have.

  • Fresh fruit and produce

To encourage imagination, unprocessed food straight from Mother Nature is one of the best foods you can buy. These are perhaps the healthiest diets because they are uncomplicated and supply the human body with the most natural nutrients. They can both relax the brain and are also ideal choices for an overall healthy diet.

  • Seeds and nuts

A perfect easy snack to carry nearby or on your desk is made of nuts and seeds. They are full of healthy fats and calcium, are nutritious, which is perfect for brain strength. Just be careful not to overeat, since they are rich in calories if you’re looking at your weight.

Kinds of Music that can help increase creativity

  1. Nature Sounds

The playing of natural sounds will enhance the mood and attention of a worker. The sound of running water seems like the most calming sound of nature, which can positively impact your mood during the day and tend to be less intrusive than other forms of music.

  1. Classical Music

Music by classical composers such as Handell or Mozart, when you need additional support working on a song, maybe helpful to listen to – try it out. Participants were asked to execute a challenge three times in a sample published in Science Reports-first when listening to classical music, secondly while listening to a changed version of the classical melody, and lastly, in silence. In contrast to the other two events, the participants performed higher when listening to Mozart.

  1. Instrumental music

Music with lyrics can be very distracting for certain individuals, mainly when it is important to accomplish a complicated task or mission. However, ambient music will offer a soothing and stimulating background noise if you need to respond to a few emails or read through a few assignments.