Get to Know about Soccer History


In general, soccer is a match that plays two teams, where each team consists of 11 players. With so many players in a team, it is clear that soccer is a sport that relies on team cohesiveness. Football itself consists of several components, ranging from the number of players, the field, referees, scoreboard, goalposts, spectators, and of course the ball itself.

Nowadays many people like football, or maybe make this one sport as their profession. Many things are behind someone who likes football, starting from a hobby, like because the players are handsome, like because they often play the game, or maybe like because they often see the game. Whatever the reason, what is certain at this time is that many people love soccer, and this sport is very popular in the world, beating the popularity of other types of ball sports.

Even though it’s just a sport, soccer can also bring fanaticism to its fans. Many people are willing to watch live in the stadium to support their favorite team. Some people bet their money on a agen sbobet terpercaya because they are sure that their favorite team will win.

Behind all the facts about soccer, not many people know the history of the origin of soccer itself.

There are currently many versions circulating about the origin of soccer. But based on a search of historians, the origin of football began to be discovered through culture. From this approach, there are two main versions regarding the origin of football. Where the first version is the ancient era football in 4500 years ago, and the second version is modern era football which underlies contemporary football.

The history of football itself began after archeologists discovered artifacts from an ancient culture. From these findings, they began to believe that soccer had been played since ancient times by the Egyptians, China, and Italy. While the principles of ancient era football remained at least until the middle ages. The researchers revealed that in 2500 BC balls were made of linen in Egypt, there were also several balls made of animal skin or intestines. While in China, this one sport is known as Cuju. Historians also concluded that cuju was very popular in China in 476 BC to 221 BC.