Tips for Successful Team-building Activities for Adults


Okay, so you are head of the sales department at work and you put together what you thought was going to be an awesome team for a new and upcoming project. However, three weeks into it you realize that they just can’t seem to get it together. Or maybe you are the choir director at church and there is something that prevents the group from working together as one and coming together to create the perfect melody. Problems like these need team building exercise to help the group learn how to rely on each other instead of trying to do the job or task all by themselves. Trust is a very hard thing to achieve with someone else, much less achieve it with an entire group of people. Everyone has issues from their past and sometimes they bury them instead of confronting them and this will bring out certain personality traits that could be hard for other people to deal with. However, with team building exercises you can help each individual in the group work past some of those issues so the group can work together as a whole.

What Do Team Building Activities Do?

Team activities were designed to help a group of people play games and do certain activities that will help them work together to achieve a common goal, which is to win the game. However, if they try and do everything themselves instead of relying on others in the group to assist them they will fail and have to keep trying until everyone in the group works together. It’s a way in a sense to force them to put their feelings and issues aside for the time being and get the job, or game, done. The environment is usually controlled by the originator of the activities so if things start to get out of hand they can reel everyone back in.

Where Do You Have Team Building Activities?

They can really be done anywhere but to make them more effective there are some things you need to consider. In my opinion, it’s always better to have them offsite. For example, if you are doing a team building activity session for your employees at work then don’t have them at the office. Find a park or some other public location where you can hold the event. You also need to choose a location that is central or easy and accessible for everyone to get to. No one likes to work on their days off so try scheduling it on a workday. You could always schedule it for a Friday and let everyone off a couple of hours early so they can attend then go home for the weekend. Make sure that the attendees have plenty of water if it’s held outside and then after it’s over get feedback from them to see if they feel like it was productive for them.

What Team Building Activities Can We Do?

Team building activities for adults can consist of many things. Something that most adults haven’t done in years is play games like softball or kickball. It’s always better for the facilitator to pick the teams prior to the event so there is no confusion or hurt feeling on who gets chosen for what teams. Once you get the teams divided to get the game started. It may start out rocky but once they get the feel for it you will see a change in attitudes and they will come together to win the game.