4 Healthy Benefits Our Brain Derives From Listening To Music


Music has always been that soothing balm that allays a lot of negative emotions. From fears to troubles, depression and so on. In this article, we would be bringing four healthy and incredible things that your brain derives from music to you.

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Below are four healthy benefits your brain Derives from music:

1.          Music sends away depression:

A lot of studies have shown that music increases the production of dopamine and serotonin in the body. These two neurotransmitters enliven your mood, increase your cognitive abilities as well as make you happier. When you notice you are beginning to slip into some deep melancholy, listen to sweet music and see that you will come alive again. The magical effect of music on depression is one thing you should always remember.  When depression comes knocking,  send it packing with good music. Mind you, listening to sad songs in a depressive state worsens your depression. So do yourself the good of staying away from them!

2.          Better sleeping habits:

Music therapy has proven to be a very effective way to reduce restlessness and relax the troubled mind since a long time ago. This therapy employs the most dominant features of music like rhythm, tempo, diction and a host of others to help one attain a high level of calm and make one to be in union with one’s self. When you find it hard to sleep after a reality long day, have yourself a serving of sweet music and watch sleep embrace you like a lover.

3.          Reduction in stress level:

The soothing effect of quiet,  slow and well paced music like classical music can never be over emphasized. Music also increases the production of the “happy hormone”, dopamine which lightens your mood and serves as a good tool for stress reduction. After a awful day at work, plugging in your earphones and listening to music while you drive home may sound like a bad idea, but it will surely help you relax and take some stress off you. A reduction in stress results in better health.

4.          Verbal fluency:

Your brain picks up a lot of things quickly,  especially the catchy lyrics of a song you fancy. Listening to good music with nice lyrics will surely help you with verbal communication as well help you expand your vocabulary. This is one of the reasons your choice in music should be eclectic.


Like food fuels your body,  so does good music fuel your brain. No one wants a weak brain. We know how much you love it when your brain is all ready and sharp. So do not ever stay away from what fuels your brain for a long time. Live life while listening to music.