Everyone loves music. We enjoy it either by listening to the song, composing the song or playing the instruments. There are many different kinds of instruments that people love to play, either as a hobby or career choice, and all of them can be bought from musical instruments stores.

To decide which store is best, we recommend that you read us-reviews of musical instrument stores. Before this however, you need to decide on which instrument is best for you. If you’re a music enthusiast who would love to play their own instrument, the following easy to play instruments would help initiate you into the music world:

The Recorder

The recorder is one of the easiest instruments to learn. It doesn’t take a lot of breath to get a sound out of it. If you master the recorder, you can easily move on to play the clarinet, the saxophone or …

Music in the 80s has received lots of accolades over the years with many people talking about the message it resonated and the vibes it carried. One would not forget such songs in a while as those lyrics graced our radio stations and CD players. One would still enjoy the flavour of those songs even when they are played today. Majority of our present-day music stars looked up to the 80s idol which they still look up to for inspiration. Only by listening to those songs would one understand what made them sing the way they did, the songs might be old but the spirit in which they were sung and the message they carry still will re-echo in centuries.


Some of our 80s music stars

The 80s were indeed star-studded with lots of talents gracing the stage and singing at concerts which hundreds and thousands of people were …

Music has a resounding influence on the way people feel, and research has shown that music can help in altering emotions. The kind of music you play in a particular moment can help change your mood, and with this knowledge, you can determine how music can influence your mood through the kind of music to play when you need it at a particular time.

You can play music while you carry out specific functions to put you in the right mood. However, you have to understand that your favorite kind of music differs from others, and what may work for you will not work for others. Furthermore, we get help from online websites to find suitable songs for meditations or work purposes through:

  1. Tones to help your focus

You can stream or download therapeutic themes to help you control your mood. These tones are put in place by physiological …

Creativity in the kitchen can sometimes tricky. You wait for motivation, and it just won’t come. Often, it comes in the middle of the night when you have to be up at 5 am for your day job. At times it seems it will never come again. Learning about healthy habits and supplements are aspects that are second nature to us and our life. So, when creativity has run out, what should we do?

Some foods recipes and Music are considered a perfect way to supercharge your imagination to get the juices going again. Let’s take a peek.

  • Avocados

Everyone loves avocado pretty much, so here’s yet another explanation why you should fall in love with this incredible plant. Your brain relies on regular blood supply and oxygen to think creatively. This green fruit increases the supply of blood and provides the oxygen the brain cells require.

  • Salmon

We …

Planning to take saxophone lessons? Here are a few interesting facts which can help you understand the instrument better.

  1. Saxophone has a unique History

Saxophones were invented by an instrument designer known as Adolphe Sax, from there the instrument gotits name, that is Saxophone. Sax was born in Belgium, 1814. He was trained in playing various wind instruments, that’s where he got the inspiration to invent a woodwind. His invention was patented in Paris.

  1. Saxophone comes in all shapes and sizes

It comes in a variety of sizes. The Contrabass is the biggest one with a whooping height of 6feet and 4inches, and the smallest is the Soprillo, which is just 12 inches long. Saxophone truly is an instrument for all.

  1. Saxophones were underrated

When saxophones were first invented, nobody gave much importance to the it because at that time the clarinet was much more popular. Therefore, a lot …